How Drupal 8 is better than Drupal 7?

With over 200 new features and improvements, finally Drupal 8 has launched on November 19th, 2016. As drupal 8 is the latest release of drupal, hence it is more powerful. Here are some of the points that make drupal 8 a more exicitng CMS than its previous versions.

  • Configuration is well-defined and simpler

    The Configuration Management Initiative (CMI) in Drupal 8 uses YAML format for text files that facilitates easy saving, importing, exporting and moving configuration changes from one environment to another.

  • Support Multiple Languages

    In Drupal 8, Native installation is available in more than 94 language. Now You can choose any language at the first step of installation and assign language to everything like content and configurations (taxonomy, user fields, menus, pages, views etc.) This built-in translation interface allows easy translation of a web page and enhances the global impression.

  • Go Mobile With Drupal 8

    Drupal 8 is 100% responsive. Responsive means how a site behaves with different devices or different screen sizes. With drupal 8 out of box mobile friendliness, you can manage you website or edit your site content even on a small screen any time, anywhere. With this feature, Drupal 8 has become a great platform for tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

  • HTML 5-Based Markup

    Drupal 8 has another major advantage i.e. HTML 5, a much-needed feature. HTML5 represents a step forward in how content is structured and presented on the web. it (HTML 5) can provide a much better user experience on both desktop and mobile devices with its features like Multimedia support, easier front end applications, ability of end-users to effortlessly edit HTML control’s content, new front-end libraries, custom data attributes and much more.

  • Views In Drupal 8 Core

    Now views module is configured in drupal 8 core you do not need to hire a developer for custom content publishing or to change the parameters. With new structured architecture you can easily customize and config administration pages by using filters as per your requirements. Now without using any code you can organize content system as per your needs with the help of Views module.

  • Interface to Developers

    In drupal 7 it is very tricky to extend the functionality of any module, component and template. Now with drupal 8 you don't need to follow drupal codex standard, you can use your own object oriented PHP as you are familiar with its attribute.

  • No More Waiting For Ages To Load Pages

    With the inclusion of Symfony2 framework in drupal 8, the amount of run-time memory has decreased and the website load time has reduced, attracting more visitors.

  • Much Easier Editing

    Drupal8 supports a new configuration of WYSIWYG editor that enable draft saving, two column editing and content editing without calling to the full edit mode.

  • Secure themeing with Twig Template Engine

    With the integration of Twig Template Engine in Drupal 8, templating has become more flexible, fast and secure. It handles template logic and display differently. It is integrated with Symfony’s class-based approach to programming.

So these are the some featues of drupal 8. Hope drupal 8 will provide a better experience to developers, clients and users.

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